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Bangude fry in Banana Leaves

Serves: 3-4 You’ll need: 3 bangude or mackerel, cleaned 2 tbsp njh Coriander Root and Stem Wok Sauce 2 tsp njh Mothership’s Fish mix 1 tsp njh Hot Travelling Chillies 1/2 tsp turmeric 1 tbsp tamarind paste 1/2 tbsp salt Coconut oil for seasoning Banana leaves  Method: Mix together all the ingredients except the mackerel and coconut oil. Slit the mackerel and  mix the paste into it. Make sure the masala soaks through. Place on the leaves. Add coconut oil and close the leaves with toothpicks Marinate for an hour. Put it in a cast iron dutch oven or just in an oven or even in a pan will do too. Cook. Turn it over. Cook the other side.And enjoy!...

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