njh people


saritha hegde, in her previous life was senior vice president at li & fung. after a long career in the corporate world in the fashion business, and with many prospects to move up the career ladder, she decided to take an early retirement. with no further plans in mind, she travelled the world in pursuit of her passions and those who know her, know that it also included food. in june 2020, these experiences carried her into her current role as a chief alchemist of a business that she launched during the pandemic!

the products she created were something she always missed in her corporate life, as she could never find anything local that was hot enough; nor were quality products available to put together a quick, easy, tasty and healthy meal.

her mother dr. indira hegde, while balancing her entrepreneurial, academic and her personal life, invented mothership's spice mixes. she is also her business partner.

the core team at njh - shanthi, anitha, deepa, meenakshi and a one-eyed rescue indie puppy munchi are partners in the venture too! with constant up-skilling to learn and earn, njh, the all women team sources its raw materials directly from women as much as possible.