1. Delivery
We are currently only accepting orders for Bangalore on the website and delivery is next working day.
For outstation orders you can WhatsApp Shanthi at +919945765553. Desserts, Pate & Edo’s Tomato Sauce cannot be shipped.

2. Timings?
We work Monday to Friday 10 Am to 5 Pm. Work life balance begins with us and our all women team.

3. Pick up?
Yes you can come say hi and pick up from , 4pm -5pm Monday to Friday.

4. Storage
Always use a dry spoon. Keep the lid closed tightly. All details on storage mentioned both on our website & the bottles.

5. What are Wok sauces?
Wok sauces are sauces you can use as a base to amp up your vegetables, rice, noodles or meats and seafood. You can marinate, stir fry or even make dipping sauces out of these.

6. What are dipping sauces?
Our range of dipping sauces taste great either as dipping sauce or top it on steamed vegetables, meat or seafood and you can also marinate in it.

7. What are Motherships Spice Mixes?
These are Mangalorean Spice Mixes created by the Mothership to help you make quick, easy and authentic Mangalorean food at your home.

8. Are we organic?
No. While we source as much as we can from organic stores, our products are not certified organic. The supply chain in India is not transparent so its almost impossible to track authenticity.

9. Our suppliers?
We pride ourselves on the fact we pay our suppliers upfront and have developed a network of women run small business as much as possible. As examples dry fish is from Sumalatha, a stay at home mother in Mangalore and our spices are from the Malnad region, grown by Smt.Vedavathi Parmeshwar, a 72 year old farmer.

10. Heat level?
We at njh believe a little goes a long way. While our products are rated based on Saritha’s “hotness” level, you can always use a little and addons to reduce the heat. We have many recipes up for you to follow and use on our recipe section.

11. Do our sauces travel well?
Yes, they do. We have customers carrying it all over the world. We pack them in heat sealed foil containers or heat-sealed sachets, whichever you prefer.

12. does this mean I can order bigger quantities than what’s on the menu?
absolutely, yes.

13. Can we fill up the bottles? 
Yes, of course. We give you a discount of rs.35 on the 370 ml bottle and 30 on the 190 bottle.

14. Refund Policy 
we are not issuing refunds at this point, please contact support for any grievances.

15. Privacy Policy 
The website captures user information. All data is confidential and will not be shared to third parties.