Thai Chicken Summer Salad

Serves: 2

You’ll need:

      • 150 grams boneless chicken preferably thighs
      • njh Lemongrass Wok Sauce
      • 2 tbsp toasted sticky rice crushed in a mortar and pestle
      • 2 tbsp njh Prik nam pla
      • 1 cucumber
      • 8  Romaine lettuce leaves
      • ½ Big red onion
      • 10 cherry tomatoes
      • Mint leaves


      • Marinate the chicken in the njh Lemongrass Wok Sauce. Grill in an oven or pan fry it. Let it cool.
      • Organise your vegetables in a bowl. Top with cooked chicken and juices. Add the Prik Nam Pla and toss. Add the toasted rice powder. Serve and enjoy!

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