Thai Basil Fried Chicken


You’ll need:

      • 250 gms chicken lollypop
      • 2 tbsp njh Thai Basil Sauce
      • 1 tbsp light soy sauce
      • 1/2 tbsp salt
      • Cornflour


      • Make a mix of the sauces. You can add more sauce or the travelling chillies if you would like it to be hotter. Or else you can use the Thai dipping sauce or any of our other sauces.
      • Marinate the chicken in the sauces, for as long as you can. Longer the better. Dust with dry cornflour. Deep fry. Ensure the oil is hot enough and that you don’t overcrowd the pan as otherwise you won’t have it crispy.
      • I love it wrapped in lettuce with a squeeze of Calamansi that grows in my garden. You can use lemon but it is totally optional.
      • Enjoy!

Pro tip: Please ensure the chicken is marinated for 4 hours at least and in the refrigerator to get that crispy exterior.

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