cappellini with tomatoes

Serves: 1

You’ll need:

      • 100 gms Cappellini
      • 10 baby tomatoes, halved
      • 125 gms King Oyster mushrooms, sliced
      • 4 tsp njh Italian Chilli Oil
      • 2 tbsp njh Garlic Anchovy Sauce
      • 1 tbsp Olive oil
      • Grated Parmesan and Smoked Maldon or any sea salt to taste
      • Salt to add to pasta water
      • Bunch of parsley
      • njh Hot Travelling Chillies ( optional)
      • 1/2 cup of the water in which you cooked your pasta


      • Pour some olive oil into a hot pan. Add your tomatoes. Add mushrooms. Then sauté. Add the njh Garlic Anchovy Sauce and the njh Italian Chilli Oil.
      • Sauté, again. Add the cooked pasta and some water. Mix it all up. Top with parsley in the end and some Maldon Salt. I like to add my Parmesan now. You could add later too.
      • Serve it in a bowl and add njh Italian Chilli Oil. You could also add some njh Hot Travelling Chillies.

Super easy. Super delish.

Protip: You could do both vegan(without Parmesan), vegetarian(with Parmesan) or the non vegetarian version (with Garlic Anchovy). I made it with both as I love the flavour of our Garlic Anchovy Sauce. Make the dish yours by adding whatever substitutes you have on hand.

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